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Sailing is
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Our love for the sea and sailing led us to create this page so that every sailor has free access to information about every place. Greece consists of approximately 6000 islands, of which 227 are inhabited, our dream is to visit as many as possible and to collect all information for the safe stay of every boat in port. Every information, comment and photographic material will be welcome to help us in our work.



With our boat and sailing we visit ports and marinas on every island and in mainland Greece and Cyprus.



The aim is to analyse, get to know and explore each location to make a Marine guide for sailors.



Gathering all the information from one place starts the planning of the map with as much information as possible.

“Sailing around Greece, Exploring ports & Marinas, Publishing Sea Map.”

By Portosail

About Company

20 Years Of Sailing And Memories!

Since 2003 we have started to sail around the Greek islands renting a sailing boat from yacht owners or yacht charter companies. Before five years we managed to buy our sailing boat which is a Sun Odyssey 42.2 and we named “Dioni”. Our base is in the marina of Larnaca and from this place our sailing journey starts.

Cooperation is key

Our Sailing Plans


making a start

Every beginning and difficult, we started from Larnaca this beautiful journey at the end of summer 2022, trying to visit as many islands as we can in the Aegean Sea. We discovered how difficult it is to gather information, even photography about a port or marina. We collect the information ourselves or even by asking the local fishermen, as for the aerial photos we use a drone with the result that in case of strong winds we are delayed.

At this moment we have collected material from various islands that were on our route ending up in Athens for the maintenance of our boat. Our plan is to continue in the spring of 2023 and cover as much as possible.


We need Your Help

We welcome any help or cooperation to implement our work. Send us to info@portosail.com

Professional in the field

If you provide services in a specific location and want to be registered, please let us know at info@portosail.
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Visit the map of Greece and Cyprus and find the area you want. Soon we will have more ports and marinas at your disposal.