Mandraki port

Mandraki Marina

About the Location

Mandraki is the old port of Rhodes and rumor has it that the Colossus of Rhodes stood at its entrance. The big advantage is that the marina is next to the old and new town.


Before entering the marina you should contact them to arrange a place for you. Avoid Saturdays in the summer because there are no seats due to boat rentals. Upon entering the marina you will moor to the left and check for mooring line before using your anchor.

Water & Shore power

Contact with marina office to provide you water and shore power.


If you want to refuel, you can call and a truck come to the pier.

Useful informations

Αvoid shopping at the mini markets in the marina because they are very expensive.

If you use your anchor, throw it as far as you can to avoid possible entanglement with the old mooring lines.