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Samos - Pythagorio port

About the Location

Pythagorio town is in the south east side of Samos island and the most popular destination. This port is the oldest construction in the Mediterranean Sea and the current name was given in 1955, in honour of the famous ancient Greek Mathematician and Philosopher Pythagoras. Our opinion is that you must visit this beautiful village and stay couple of days to visit the sights.


The cost to tie for a day is expensive, the only good thing is that electricity and water are not charged extra. The port is full of restaurants and coffee bars so it is not a quiet place. Outside the port in Remataki bay we anchored even though the marina manager came and told us that you are forbidden. We asked the port authority and they told us that we can as long as we are careful. Probably this happens because the marina is operated by a company and they want income.

Water & Shore power

Yes and it’s free.


You can ask the port manager and he will call for a truck to resupply your boat. Only the day time can be done, because at the night the port is closing for the vehicles.  

Useful informations

Wherever you dock in the port you can have wi-fi from the shops.

On the 5th of August there is a big celebration in the harbour and you cannot moor, but it is worth mooring outside the port and enjoying the spectacle.

As you enter the port, keep a course in the center and to the right as there is shallow water on the left.


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